In a significant advance in Apple's push to showcase its Apple Watch as a wellbeing and
wellness gadget, a private Medicare back up plan is presently financing the expense of the
Watch for its individuals, as first detailed by CNBC.
Committed Health individuals can put $150 of "Wellbeing Bucks" close to the expense of an
Apple Watch. That would shave off a little more than 33% of the cost of the $399 Apple Watch
Series 5. Wellbeing Bucks aren't explicitly designated for wearables; they can likewise go
toward wellness classes and health improvement plans.
Given Health isn't the main safety net provider to make it simpler for individuals to get an Apple
Watch — Apple has banded together with insurance agencies like Aetna and UnitedHealthcare,
for example — however Devoted Health is a Medicare Advantage guarantor, which is a privately
owned business that spreads Medicare benefits for more seasoned Americans.
In spite of the fact that Devoted Health is a generally little safety net provider — CNBC says the
organization has around 4,000 individuals and is just accessible in Florida — the development is

as yet critical: 20 million Americans got care through Medicare Advantage in 2018, as per
figures from Kaiser Family Foundation. That proposes force in Apple's obvious designs to target
Medicare back up plans, as CNBC says that "few" of the Medicare Advantage plans they
reached were "likewise considering an Apple Watch wellness advantage."
A portion of the Apple Watch's highlights seem to court this market: pulse checking and fall
discovery are among the advantages of more current Apple Watch models. Working with safety
net providers along these lines could grow Apple Watch deals as more established Americans
use them to screen their propensities. Fitbit is likewise contending in this space, and a few
safety net providers offer Fitbits rather than Apple Watches to accomplish basically something
very similar. A few safety net providers, for example, Blue Shield of California, have offered
individuals selected their projects motivating forces for hitting their wearable objectives.

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